At Adler we combine our experience in engineering, architecture and design with world’s energy future i.e. solar energy. We provide complete solar solutions to small and medium enterprises (SME’s), big commercial organization as well as to the residential needs. We offer professional solar solutions from the designing till the implementation phase. We deal in installation of solar projects including operations and maintenance services.

With our expertise, competent team we provide innovative solar energy solutions and proven financial savings while helping to protect the environment too.

We, from ADLER Solar, have set ourselves the goal to support companies in the solar industry and farm operators in a professional manner. By means of our specialized personnel, custom-made service performance and complete solutions we have proofed our competence more than once. For years we have been the reliable service partner for several solar companies.

Solutions For Manufacturers

As is already the case in many other industries, awareness of quality and service is also continually growing in the photovoltaic industry. Along with convincing quality, customer relationships can also be strengthened by means of a transparent logistics chain and comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service.

Profit from our experience

In order to meet the constantly increasing demands and concentrate on its core business, ADLER Solar has developed a complete service for manufacturers which well-known companies have already been using for many years. Here, the idea of service and quality is always in the foreground. We will be happy to share our experience or find the right solution together with you at a workshop. If you are interested, please make use of our contact form below.

Complaints department for first level support
First level support or complaints are taken directly by telephone or email.
ADLER Solar has many successful years of experience with installation operators or other customer groups.
In-depth technical questions can be answered in , English and if required in other languages.

Inspection, analysis & diagnosis
Once the inquiry or complaint has been completely noted, ADLER Solar can make an assessment and decision on its own, depending on the process.
Alternatively, we consult directly with the manufacturer on a further course of action or have one of our certified PV experts write up an opinion.

Repair or spare parts dispatch
Depending on the conditions of the products, ADLER Solar can offer to do the repair work on site or at its service center.
Alternatively, after consulting with the manufacturer, ADLER Solar will ship an appropriate substitute product from its spare parts warehouse to the operator, which can be imported directly from its own bonded warehouse, if necessary. If the right product is not in stock at the warehouse, we will see to a suitable alternative.

Customized reporting with key figures
All steps in a process are documented in a consistent system.
The key figures are summarized in an informative report to give the customer an overview at any to add your own text

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