Energy Solutions

Adler Group, India’s foremost integrated power enterprise, is committed to becoming the favored ally for all stakeholders and spearheading the uptake of smart energy solutions among customers. Pioneering the transformation of India’s utility sector, the company is steadfast in its pledge to attain carbon neutrality long before 2050, showcasing its unwavering commitment to a sustainable tomorrow.


Partner with Us

A typical electric vehicle fast charging stop typically ranges between 20 to 60 minutes. This presents an ideal opportunity for travelers to take a break, enjoy coffee, food, and shopping. We’re collaborating with various establishments such as office campuses, restaurants, retail centers, hotels, fuel stations, cinemas, parking operators, and other stakeholders to facilitate electric vehicle charging for everyone.

As our location partner, your business premises will become the preferred destination for electric car owners. We’ll install EV chargers in your customer parking areas, and all associated costs will be covered by us. Additionally, you have the option to become our franchisee by investing in charging infrastructure at your location. By offering quick EV charging, you’ll naturally attract travelers who are in need of a charge, thus expanding your customer base.

Are you enthusiastic about collaborating with EV enthusiasts in various regions? Become a master distributor with Adler Group!

Timely establishment of stations (Ensure infrastructure and other necessities are arranged promptly)
Provide forecasts for upcoming station setups and the required number of chargers in advance.
Maintain a secure facility capable of storing a minimum inventory of 100 AC chargers and 10 DC fast chargers.