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Adler, an architecture firm in Delhi provides you with the desired design and build solutions for your project to make it a benchmark in Design, Functional and Aesthetic sense. Spearheaded by our brand ADLER Group we offer services such as Architecture and Interior Design, Space Planning, Building Construction, Furniture and Soft Furnishing with in-house manufacturing of the same, all under one roof.

We try our best to build beautifully unique properties with perfect engineering and furnish them with the highest standards as per your taste and convince. Being a specialist in a high-end luxury market we have come up with new innovative technology in architecture like Steel Structure & Pre Fab Cast construction technology which has time-saving as an advantage. We mark our presence from consultancy and go till turnkey project as per your requirement.




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How about we streak forward and expect you’ve done the examination, have reached a respectable solar panel, and are prepared for an establishment. What’s included? What’s more, how before long will you begin to see your arrival on the venture?

How about we begin by discussing what truly happens when you introduce SOLAR PANELS in your home, and how they convert daylight into energy. In the first place, solar panels convert daylight to DC current. An inverter (some portion of your solar energy installations that changes over put away energy into voltage expected to run standard electrical hardware) changes over this DC power to AC. Your home takes the energy it needs dependent on the number of electrical units requiring energy. In the event that your private close planetary system is additionally associated with the matrix, any additional, unused power, is sustained back to the framework (or to a battery, in the event that you have a battery reinforcement).


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At Adler we provide attention to minute details, superior quality and elegant aesthetics with constant application of latest technology. We have come up with new innovative technology in everything we do.

Various Solar Modules

Various Solar Modules

Polycrystalline solar panels have blue cells made of multiple silicon crystals, and they are less efficient but more affordable. Monocrystalline panels have black cells made of single crystals, and they offer a higher efficiency at a higher price.
Polycrystalline panels have lower efficiency rates typically in the 13-16% range. Monocrystalline panels have higher efficiencies in the range of 15-20%. Because of the lower efficiency rate they are not as space-efficient since they produce less power per square foot.

Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is a box of electronics through which all the all the solar power produced by your panels will pass through before being transported to your home for use by your appliances; or in the case of surplus energy generated, to the mains grid. It really is the workhorse of the system.

The device also contains important safety shutdown electronics such as Anti-Islanding Protection.

For this and other reasons, it very important you choose a solar inverter up to the job and one that offers the best performance for your money.

We Deals In Various Solar Mounting Structures

Deals In Various Solar Mounting Structures

Acclaimed for quality, our firm is involved in offering Solar Mounting Structure. This structure is manufactured and fabricated using high-grade materials by an adroit team of professionals. It is available in various sizes, shapes, designs, finishes, and other specifications as per the need of our valued end customers. Our provided structure is coated with zinc to ensure its corrosion-resistant nature. In addition to this, our offered Solar Mounting Structure can be easily installed with the aid of a sharp threaded nut & bolt.


Whether you need consulting, designing, build project, looking for financial investments whatever your project is, you can count on us to deliver value and quality solutions to manage your project till completion. Adler delivers complete Real Estate solutions for all kinds of commercial and residential buildings.

Our in-house team of professionals takes utmost care for the timely completion of projects without compromising on the quality. With an extensive network of reliable and high quality we can successfully undertake projects of varied size and type.

Site Appraisal & Financials

Industrial and commercials rooftop's are surveyed for rooftop solar installation. You are informed about how much solar can be installed and how much can you save in electricity bills.

Design Safety & Engineering

Once the financial terms are finalized, we designed and engineer the rooftop solar plant to ensure highest power generation safety and reliability of the power generating assets.

Installation & Netmetering

Our team will install the solar PV system using tier 1 solar panels, inverters and balance of system. We synchronize the power plant and hand over to you after insuring the net-billing or net-metering.

Monitoring & Maintenance

We use remote monitoring to keep track of system performance for our extensive portfolio and take corrective measure to ensure 99% uptime of the rooftop solar plant and maximum power generation for our clients.


We ensure comprehensive review of your energy and budget requirements before recommending the best solar solution to maximize output and value for money

  • Installation is conducted by qualified and accredited personnel
  • Bring a professional, ethical and environmental approach to all aspects of design, installation and service of our products.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology advancements in the market place.
  • We put dedicated efforts to provide tailor made financially viable solar energy solutions.
  • We keep our clients updated about everything and seek their active participation at every stage.
  • Upon receiving any enquiry our Sales Executive connect immediately with client and within 2 hours (approximately based on distance) our executive visits client site for survey post which we share the detailed proposal.

Our Prestigious Clients

What our clients say about ADLER

Adler's rooftop solar installation is truly a testament to excellent customer support, reliable performance, trouble free operation, low maintenance, cost effective, good quality, high efficiency and ultimately a better ownership experience and customer satisfaction.

Vandana Shah

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