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Off Grid Solar Power Plant, On Grid Solar Power Plant

Off Grid Solar Power Plant, On Grid Solar Power Plant

 Photovoltaic power plant solution includes:

  • DC power collection
  • Power conversion to MV AC
  • AC medium voltage power collection and delivery
  • Monitoring and control

In a photovoltaic system, the centralized architecture offers the best LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity). Leveraging its expertise in power conversion, low and medium, voltage protection, and SCADA and automation, we has developed a comprehensive, cost-effective and highly modular solution package for the balance –of-system of a PV Plant. we provides differentiated value to its customers through seamless integration of it’s solution bricks, global multi-skill services and capabilities to engineer the most complex plant-level controls. A photovoltaic power plant system can be designed using a power conversion substation, like our s PV Box, or with central inverters.

Using the optimized versions of the PV Box, customers can benefit from a reduction of the balance of systems cost, an increase of the reliability, and an improvement of construction lead times.

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