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Solar Energy Programs India – gurgaon

India and France have launched a programme with $1 trillion potential to help developing countries harness fully their solar resources for a clean energy future to meet the “biggest challenge humanity has ever faced”.

Power minister Piyush Goyal and French environment minister Segolene Royal announced the solar finance programme that aims to lower the cost of finance and facilitate the flow of more than $1 trillion investment to members of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).


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A second programme they launched at the ISA meeting held during the signing ceremonies for the Paris Climate Change Agreement here aims to make available solar technology for farmers. The meeting was attended by representatives of over 25 countries including the US, Brazil,

Beyond providing clean energy and dealing with climate change, the harnessing of solar energy was also about energy security, Goyal said.
Royal said: “I would like to emphasise the cooperation we have had with India, which is exceptional.”

“We will have to leverage our energies on (building solar) infrastructure,” she said. The ISA member nations can count on France and India to scale up the programmes for the “energy of the future”, she added.

Explaining the benefits of solar-rich nations collaborating through the ISA, he said it would provide benefits of scale leading to reduction in prices; promotion of collaboration in research and development; and wider deployment of solar technologies.

The ISA is about “all of us working toward a shared vision, a shared goal to take the solar initiative forward”, he said.
The ISA, which was launched at the Paris Climate Change Summit last year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Francois Hollande, seeks to empower solar-rich countries located between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, many of which have at least 300 days of sunshine, and share common challenges and opportunities.

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Cost of Solar energy is less than that of conventional energy

Piyush Goyal Minister of State (IC) for Power ,Coal and New & Renewable Energy has said that energy is important part of our ecosystem and the setting up of a multilateral Agency of International Solar Alliance is a demonstration of our concern for issues of climate change. Speaking at a lecture organized by Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and the Pune International Centre he said US obstruction and pressures would not be acceptable to India.
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The traditional ethos of conservation makes India a natural country to lead the world efforts in the area of climate change. Criticizing the US claims on clean energy , Shri Goyal said US has contributed zilch towards it. Arguing that India’s Solar energy generation program as one of the largest in the world, he said the world has tremendous potential to save energy.Goyal said he convinced the solar energy producers not to press for anti-dumping measures as that would have done more damage and the country would have been able to target any of its targets in the field of solar generation. Making a strong plea to industries for adopting solar in rural and urban areas in Pune, Shri Goyal said that the cost of solar is cheaper than conventional energy based on fossil fuels and the tariff remains same for 25 years and its based on natural resources over which no external agency has control.

On the ambitious program of replacing 770 million incandescent bulbs by LED bulbs, the Minister said till date more than 9 crore bulbs had been replaced and the company EESL(Energy Efficiency Services Ltd) is doing a phenomenal job replacing 7 lakh bulbs per day. This will result in a saving of 100 billion units every year and the consumer bills would come down cumulatively by Rs 40,000 crore and the Co2 emission will be down by 60 million tons/year. Shri Goyal said energy efficiency and clean energy have been important features of the program. The Minister said India produces hardly 2.5 percent of greenhouse gases but despite that the US is doing little to mitigate effects of climate change. He said we are taking steps not because of pressure from them but because of our consciousness in recognizing the value of the universe.
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The fastest-growing solar market


How has the investment environment changed for the solar energy sector in India in the past five years?
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Centre offers Rs 1.9k crore for solar energy till January-end in FY16
Pakistani parliament becomes first in world to run entirely on solar power
The new government, when it came to power, scaled up renewable energy targets, and ever since, there have been enabling regulations. One was for demand creation and the other was to improve the quality of the off-take of power through power purchase agreements (PPAs), which is not very bankable, given the financial status of the discoms. The challenges, however, are to provide infrastructure for these targets, bring in capital and mitigate risks around land issues. For that, the central government has done its part by bringing in National Thermal Power Corporation and Solar Energy Corporation of India to be the procurers. The solar park policy created a mechanism to give funds to those states which wanted to buy land and create infrastructure for the mega solar parks. The solar parks that have come for auction till now have been over-subscribed in terms of capacity and fairly significant equity investment.

Which gaps do you think need to be filled?

The Renewable Purchase Obligation would worry anyone. Though the Centre has put penal provisions, the states have not enforced it. Procurement would come with falling tariff and closing of the demand-supply gap. States have to implement the central regulations. Also, the cost of capital remains high in India. Local debt rates are 11-11.25 per cent, whereas in matured markets, infrastructure projects avail long-term debt at two-three per cent.

how is India placed?

Outside the US and China, India is the fastest growing market. In terms of growth rate, India is better than China, which is growing but is finding it difficult to get foreign capital.

Our results in this market and the ability to command a leadership position would enable us to continue investment in India. In terms of market share, we had 16.5-17 per cent by the end of 2015, making us the leader in India. In that mix, our own development was five per cent and 95 per cent of our capacity are modules sold to others. Nearly 900 Mw in the total installed capacity of 5,000 Mw, is supplied by us. Our technology has also improved — energy generation efficiency has improved to 16.7 per cent from 11 per cent in 2011

How has the Indian solar market matured in terms of players?

There are two kinds of players in the Indian market. Developers like us, r, essentially breaking the initial risk capital to create an asset. Once they create an asset, the companies would like to turn these to long-term assets, recycle their money and keep bidding for more assets. Their value lies in risk mitigation of initial development constrictions and finance.

The other class of players are long-term asset owners — ideally, a utility which is willing to invest a lot of money at a predictable but low rate of return.

But, as the government is mitigating a lot of risk, we are witnessing long-term asset owners coming and building the projects. Many foreign utilities are coming in to take up capacity addition. This will lower cost of energy and create more demand.

Panel prices have been going down for over a year now. What are its impact on the Indian market and your operations?

Since 2014, we have seen a decline of five per cent in panel prices. Currently, the average market price of a panel is nearly 46 cents a unit. In 2012 it was more than $1 a unit. Most of this decline happened because of excess capacity in China where we are seeing consolidation and bankruptcies in major Chinese firms. All the Chinese players are our competitors in India.

In terms of competition, most Indian companies are targeting the domestic content requirement (DCR) segment, where the Indian government has reserved a certain capacity. We don’t play in this segment. Both, we and the Chinese players are at par in prices, considering the level of quality and efficiency. On levellised costs of energy basis, we are better than the Chinese. I don’t know what Indian panel costs are since we do not follow the segment. But, if you follow tariffs under DCR, the bids are slightly higher.

DCR is still being contested in World Trade Organization. Your comment?

In 2012, the government said they will reserve capacity for domestic firms but they excluded thin-films so we were not affected by that. The percentage of the National Solar Mission against the country’s total solar program was relatively small at 150 Mw and 350 Mw. But, states such as Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh did more and that’s when the WTO dispute happened. Subsequently, the government changed its stand. The restrictions are where the government is buying power and owning the assets. So, this is different from the DCR in 2012. I am not privy to discussions in WTO. As a policy, our stand is that we oppose any kind of market restrictions. We want the market to be accessible to all technologies. We as a company would continue to advocate against any kind of restrictive market access. Having said that, we think the Indian market is lot more open than any other solar market globally.


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