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Save big by using solar energy

The Delhi government has saved nearly Rs. 6 lakh per month on its electricity bills since the Delhi Secretariat started using solar power in November.

Four months ago, the Delhi Secretariat or the Players’ Building started drawing power to the tune of 1 MW from the city’s first ground-based solar power plant at Indraprastha Power Station.

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“During peak time the solar system feeds the building with over 33 per cent of its power requirement. We expect another 1 MW of supply by next month, which will further increase our savings to about Rs. 18-20 lakh,” said a government official.

The total power requirement of the secretariat is three MW and the solar power plant at Indraprastha is also being built with the same capacity. “Two MW will be completed by April. Once the plant is fully operational Players’ Building will become the first State secretariat in the country to run completely on solar energy,” said the official.

The government has partnered with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to set up the plant on a vacant plot in the power station. The plant utilises latest technology including a tracker mechanism which tracks the movement of the sun for maximum output.



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