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Solar power is more accessible than ever, with installation and consultation more personal and tailored to individual needs and homes. With the right solar expert, modern day solar power isn’t hard to install and has great benefits for both the household and the environment. Most Indians have a busy lifestyle balancing out work and family and are often left wondering whether there is a better energy solution, without the time to research new and valuable information to make that decision.

ADLER Solar is a leading solar company dealing in solar products and providing complete solar energy solutions.You’ve came to the right place – give us a call!
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Our experts have provided some useful information for those considering switching to solar, or for the inquisitive energy saver.

The benefits of solar energy within the modern day home:
Using sunlight to power your home is actually quite simple. Solar panels capture sunlight converting it to energy, and then the inverter converts this energy to electricity to use in your home. For those looking to reduce their spend on energy usage whilst maintaining lifestyle and comfort at home, solar may be a great solution.

Saving Money
Generating your own power gives you greater control over your energy usage costs. The more electricity your solar power system generates during the day, the less you have to buy off your energy retailer.

If you’re generating more energy than you’re using, depending on your location and energy retailer, you could be entitled to feed-in tariffs, meaning you get money back for that unused solar energy that is then fed into the grid. You should contact your energy retailer for more information on this.

Efficient Usage
For those who may be using home appliances throughout the day, including those working from home, part-timers and those approaching retirement, solar could be the perfect solution to help reduce energy usage costs through the daytime period. Solar power is generated during the day, so your daytime energy requirements can be offset – however, you can be smart with shifting some of your usage to the daytime period even when you’re not home. There are timers and smart phone controlled apps that help you schedule the running of your large appliances to the time when you access power from the sun.

Environmentally Friendly
Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun, meaning they emit no greenhouse gases, and the energy is 100% renewable!

Increase Your Property Value
If you’re in the market to sell, let or upgrade, installing a solar power system may increase the asking price at sale. For landlords, a solar system may also make your property more attractive to prospective tenants. Particularly for those environmentally conscious renters, or those simply looking to pay less for their energy usage.
Tailored Solutions
The perfect solar solution should be based on an individual’s lifestyle and energy usage. Additionally, no two homes are the same; the size, orientation and position of the house are all considered when fitting solar panels, in order to achieve the best results. We have a solar estimator where you can select your property attributes in order to estimate the system size, cost and savings – Adler solar
With the right solar expert, getting solar installed is not hard, or as expensive as most people would assume. Companies such as Adler Solar offer tailored solar solutions based on an individual’s lifestyle and energy usage, and they can provide a range of ways to finance your solar energy investment.

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ADLER Solar is a leading solar company dealing in solar products and providing complete solar energy solutions.You’ve came to the right place – give us a call!
Mob: +91 9971170911 ,+91 9910733911
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