Noida: Preferred destination for new realty projects



There is increased buoyancy in the market after the arrival of the new government, especially after the Budget has set the ball rolling for the real estate sector. With allocation of more funds for affordable housing, easing of FDI norms, implementation of REITs and special focus on infrastructure development, the government has made it clear that in order to push economic growth, a special focus on infrastructure and real estate development is pivotal. In the foreseeable future, the real estate market in Delhi NCR is going to see considerable forward momentum and Adler Group is very confidant about this.
As land is a prerequisite for any kind of development, Noida and Gurgaon are the logical answers to the burgeoning need for housing in Delhi NCR. In terms of inventory, Noida and Gurgaon have more options than any other city in the NCR. These two areas are consequently expanding and growing, and expansion opens opportunities for further growth in real estate. It is for this reason Adler Group believes  that these two cities now have mature real estate markets for different sets of buyers and investors.

However, they have very individual returns potential. In the last few years, it appears that investments made into properties located in Gurgaon have reaped better returns than those secured from properties in Noida. However, Noida is not lagging very far behind. Various recent announcements and the infrastructure uplifts of the city have made Noida’s real estate market increasingly attractive.

What favours investors entering Noida is the lower pricing factor, which now promises better appreciation and returns on investments. The realty market in Gurgaon has now crystallised into one most favourable for buyers in the premium segment. But the other side of the coin is that the high price points in Gurgaon suggest that properties there will no longer fetch high rates of appreciation.
With the fast-paced development in infrastructure in Noida and its vicinity, real estate growth has really picked up over the past few years. Adler Group has my clients from noida.

Analysis of Adler Group says that , With good infrastructure, metro connectivity and good road network, real estate development in the Noida regions is picking up rapidly. This is important, since infrastructure development is the primary draw for buyers and investors into this area. Upcoming major projects like the Export Promotion Zones and Taj Economic Zone along the Yamuna Expressway are likely to push the economic development of this region, consequently giving a further boost to real estate development. In fact, the positive response from buyers and investors in Noida has now made this the preferred destination for launching new projects and expediting existing ones. All in all, Noida is beginning to emerge as one of the brightest stars in Delhi NCR real estate.

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