Design & Architecture Solutions

Build & Design

Develop and deliver unique lifestyle and work place environments with a focus on high quality architecture, innovative design, and strong project execution with customer-centric approach

Steel Structure

We deal in steel structures. Steel construction is a time saving and durable option that makes it a preferred choice in many residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Pre Fabricated

Deals in new age technique of pre fabricated building. Pre- Fab cast is the need of hour .It is a smart way to build any type of buildings, safely and affordably.

Bespoke Solutions

Precast Solutions

This advanced and innovative technique not only improves productivity but also shortens time of a construction. It reduced logistics needs and suits well for any type of building. Moreover factory production allows an extended range of colour and shape. Through this technique we ensure faster construction times, higher profitability and better quality with no compromise on elegant modern buildings.

Steel Framing

Formation of steel structures is another solution we excel in. Steel framing is a preferred choice due to its flexibility, strength, low weight and speed of construction. Due to these features Steel structures are preferred solutions for high rise, commercial and industrial building. The versatility of steel gives our architects the freedom to achieve their most ambitious visions. At present our work can be seen in the form on an ongoing project for Volvo service centre in Mumbai. It is been designed by us completely in steel structures in the area of 1 acre.

Interior designing

Innovation and freshness in ideas over pre conceived notions is the basis of our interior designing. Each structure and its purpose are different and so it’s designing needs to be different as well. We work on various themes like contemporary, art deco, neo classic and classic and tailor made personalized designing solutions as per client requirement.


We offer architectural solutions to develop and deliver unique, integrated lifestyle and work place environments with a focus on high quality architecture, strong project execution and our customer-centric approach. We deal in all type of segment residential, commercial and industrial with our proficient team of architects, contractors, engineers and interior designers

Quality control

As an architecture & designing not only we build and design a place but also we also keep a check on the quality deliverables. The quality of our work is always a top priority .whether it is designing the interior of a place or the exterior the quality of the work we offer it always keeps our customers safe, satisfied and out of clutter.

Various Choices

At Adler we offer various choices and solutions of housing /real estate sector at one place. Whether you need to design your house with excellence, furnish it with elegance we offer various choices as well as solutions for you. We also deal in buying and selling of real estate property along with turnkey solutions.

Our Expertise
  • Architecture
  • Interior Designing
  • Steel structures
  • Prefab cast
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